I Ate It

If you’ve read my “About Me” page here yet, you know I spend a good deal of my time batting live and dead animals from the mouth of my dog. Today was no exception.


This is my lab, Lady. I heard her making some crunching sounds near the entrance to the woods, and I looked over to see something furry hanging from her mouth. Usually she will play a super fun game of catch me if you can (I cannot) when she has a special treat like this, but today she allowed me to approach her.

I’m not sure exactly what it was, other than dead. It was not a whole animal and she didn’t eat the parts that were missing, something else had already gotten to enjoy those parts. It’s hard to see in this picture, but there were two long legs dangling out of her mouth and some fur. I think it was the remains of a bunny.

I got a glove on and managed to pry it from her mouth and discard it. I’m all for letting her be the wild creature she wants to be in nature out here, she is fully vaccinated and sees the vet regularly and is checked for worms and parasites, but I just don’t need her eating some dead who know’s what and getting sick, and/or choking on these bones.

Just before her would-be snack of dead rabbit, she foraged on some nuts in the neighbor’s back yard.


Yes, I know, blog world, dogs shouldn’t eat nuts either. Here’s the thing: she was on her own to find food and survive for nearly the entire first year of her life, on this land, until we moved here and rescued her. It’s what she knows. The nuts aren’t hurting her and she is never outside without supervision.

I feel so lucky to have room for her to roam, off-leash, in the wilderness, and just be a dog, doing what dogs instinctually do right here in our own wooded, secluded back yard. She is a natural-born, excellent hunter. She will sniff at the ground and dig up a mole we never knew was under there (that was last week). She catches mice roaming out in the field and hiding under leaves. She knows when something is afoot and alerts us all.

So, I do try to just let her be a dog whenever possible. And she is all lab. If it’s edible, and even if it’s not, you can bet she wants a piece of it. Am I right, lab owners?


Yep, I ate it. That’s my Lady Girl.

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