Another Year of Love

It is nearly 5 a.m. and I just woke up, got a glass of water and got back in bed to read a daily devotional. It is my husband’s birthday today, and God decided to send me this message today (Click the link below to read it).

What I Love About You

Bryan is a prince, and I’ve always known I managed to catch a special man. He is giving and selfless, generous, and so kind. He is silly and funny, and always choosing to laugh more than frown. My husband is so patient and forgiving, and always quick with an “I’m sorry.” My husband is so handsome, and I see him turn heads and catch the eye of young women. My husband is a great provider for our family. He works most nights at home, well after the work day should be over. He often works early, early hours that require driving hundreds of miles in one day.

Bryan is the man who women dream they had married, and I get to call him my partner in life. He takes out the trash and recycling without me ever asking him to. I can count on a few fingers the number of times I have done so in the last fourteen years we’ve been together. He does all those little things that seem insignificant, but make women happy and most women nag their husbands to do (or so I hear anyway), or women just wind up doing themselves. We have a routine, a groove, an unspoken understanding. We are a team, and I love our home team.

I love to listen to my husband talking to and playing with our four-legged kids from the other room. It always makes me smile to hear how he talks to them and cares for them. He can’t go in the pet store without leaving with some kind of treat or toy for our furbabes.

I am not quite sure how I got so lucky. I will never take the man I get to call husband for granted. I am so glad God gave me you, Bryan Edward Newman. I hope your birthday is the beginning of another year to show you more love.

Happy Birthday!


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