Women In My Circle

As you get older (45 and counting here), you begin to see the need for your circle of friends to be smaller. I’m not talking about Facebook friends, although I am also beginning to see the need for that list to be smaller, too. I mean those friends that you call on for life’s big moments, for real problems, for sound advice without a sugar coating. I first started to realize this around eight years ago, when I left the corporate world. I was reminded of the need for a small, but mighty circle this weekend, and I was blessed to add a few new women to my circle.

This Is Nerissa

My dear friend, Nerissa (I knew her when it was Nerissa Taguba), rented two homes in the Hamptons to celebrate her 50th birthday.


She invited her girlfriends, her sisters in life, her ride-or-die’s. I was so touched to have made the list. Nerissa and I worked together at WFMZ-TV when we were just babies in the TV News business.


We would head into Manhattan to rollerblade and bop around the city.


We would cruise to the Jersey Shore to dance and meet boys.

We spent a lot of time in bars singing karaoke with our news team after the 10 p.m. newscast in Allentown.

I knew Nerissa before babies, weddings and before we were who we were meant to be.

We have reconnected over the last several years, after some time went by and life happened without one another. Even so, we both always knew the other was right beside us at heart. Each time we are able to be together, we soak up every last minute of fun, as if time stopped and we picked right back up where things left off the last time we were together. By the end of the long weekend being reunited, you could wring out the washrag of fun we absorbed together again.

Lamisson Family Florida

This past weekend in the Hamptons had me thinking so much about women, friendships, age and time. The women I spent the weekend with were incredibly intelligent, accomplished, educated, thoughtful, warriors of women from all walks of life. These women came together in the Hamptons from Colorado, California, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, Connecticut and beyond.


We are all so different, yet have so many things in common. I met fellow cancer survivors, another joint replacement recipient, TV News women, fellow business owners, women who struggle with anxieties like I do, pet Mom’s, women with incredible talents and accomplishments. And we all have one big thing in common⎯ Nerissa.

Nerissa is a radiant, powerful light. She shines so brightly that people are drawn to her. She is such a positive force that the cream of the crop rise to her magnetism.

I’m so thankful for the time spent with you and your friends and family, Nerissa. Thank you for sounding the trumpets and rallying all of your troops to New York to join you in a milestone celebration. I can only hope to become the woman you are at 50 when I get there in a few very short trips around the sun.

45 and 50 Don't Look So Bad, Huh?

2 thoughts on “Women In My Circle

  1. I will never forget this weekend. Every woman here got me through a storm, made me laugh, taught, lifted and loved me unconditionally over the years. I would not be the person I am today and I don’t know how I would have survived without all of these women in different chapters of my life. To have everyone together in one place for one long weekend blew my mind and filled my heart. Years may pass in relationships and not all find their way back. As you get older, it IS important to surround yourself with the real thing. Thank you so much Heather for writing this. You always go above and beyond to make a person feel even more special. I am honored to be in YOUR circle. I can’t believe all of these fantastic memories we’ve shared over the decades. They make me smile so much. Even when we thought things were bad… they were actually good because you were with me. The awesome thing is we get to make more memories. I can only hope I am returning what you have all given to me. Love you always. -Nerissa


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